Senior Pictures Minnesota

A Personalized Senior Portrait Experience

Where to go, what to wear? There’s a lot to consider when planning your senior pictures. I makes the process easy.  Check out the galleries below to learn what’s possible for your senior pictures.  

Behind the Scenes with Kristin

Outdoor Senior Girl Portraits

Natural surroundings, natural light and outdoor senior photo sessions are some of my favorite!  Sunset fields, rock walls,wild flowers and spring blossoms provide natural beauty that take your senior portraits to the next level. I’m constantly scouting for ideal locations for outdoor senior pictures!  

Urban Senior Girl Portraits

 Urban landscapes are full of texture and color. Whether it’s an aged alleyway, vintage brick wall or rusted panels I’ll find locations that make you shine. You will have images you  love and want to share.

Creative Senior Girl Portraits

Capture That Thing You Love Play Do

Do you dance or play a sport? Maybe you have a favorite past time, play an instrument, or love your pet? Specialty senior pictures are the perfect way to capture what you love, play or do. These images are so fun create.  Lets hilight you and what you love!